BIG Thanks to Bryan (Scootiemon)
Al Snow
X: Spandex (blue) 
L1: Spandex with job squad shirt 
L2: Spandex with straps down 
R2: Job squad suit 

Bad Ass Billy Gunn
X: Blue Mr. Ass shorts 
L1: Pink Mr. Ass shorts 
L2: Orange Mr. Ass shorts with Black Bad Ass shirt 
R2: White Mr. Ass shorts 

Big Boss Man
X: Black vest 
L1: Blue vest 
L2: Old boss man shirt (blue) 
R2: Old Boss man shirt (blue, has a yellow sash) 

X: Acolyte pants (new, blue design) 
L1: Acolyte pants (old, brown design) 
L2: Black trunks with vest 
R2: Black trunks 

X: Blue pants 
L1: Red pants 
L2: Purple pants 
R2: Blue pants 

X: Black bikini 
L1: White bikini 
L2: Black top and black pants 
R2: Yellow top and black pants 

D'Lo Brown
X: Pants with chest protector 
L1: Pants with out chest protector 
L2: L1 pants with chest protector 
R2: Newest suit (blue jumpsuit with D'Lo down the leg) 

Dr. Death
X: Red trunks 
L1: Red trunks with white V tank 
L2: Black spandex suit 
R2: Red spandex suit 

X: Shorts (gray) 
L1: Shorts (orange) 
L2: Shorts (green) 
R2: Shorts (purple) 

X: Purple pants 
L1: Blue pants 
L2: Red pants 
R2: Black pants 

X: Acolyte pants (new, brown design) 
L1: Acolyte pants (old, red design) 
L2: N.O.D outfit (latest) 
R2: N.O.D outfit (old) 

X: Purple pants 
L1: Black pants 
L2: Red pants 
R2: Blue pants 

X: Red pants with white vest 
L1: Green pants with white vest 
L2: Yellow pants 
R2: White pants 

X: Spider face with shattered dreams suit 
L1: Warzone outfit (has Goldust along the back) 
L2: Black and gold suit with Queen Eyes 
R2: Super Gold suit with wig (gold and white suit) 

X: Black boots 
L1: Blue boots 
L2: Green boots 
R2: Pink boots 

X: Pants with HHH on buttocks (blue) 
L1: Pants with HHH on buttocks (green) 
L2: HHH pants (silver, newest outfit) 
R2: HHH design with purple glittery pants (DX) 

X: Black fighting suit 
L1: Red fighting suit 
L2: Blue and red fighting suit 
R2: Red bikini 

Jeff Jarrett
X: Shorts (silver and red) 
L1: Shorts with "Don't piss me off!" shirt 
L2: Shorts (silver) 
R2: White suit 

Jerry Lawer
X: Black top with red pant legs 
L1: Red suit with crown (X suit with red jacket) 
L2: Blue top with white pant legs 
R2: Blue suit with crown (L2 suit with blue jacket) 

X: Latest suit 
L1: Latest suit with reversed colors 
L2: All covered suit with more slashes 
R2: All covered suit with more slashes and colors reversed 

Ken Shamrock
X: Blue trunks 
L1: Red trunks 
L2: Black trunks 
R2: Blue trunks with red boots 

X: Tie dye shirt with pilot cap 
L1: Tie dye shirt with pilot goggles 
L2: Tie dye shirt 
R2: Green shirt with gray pants 

X: White shirt with blue sweat pants (with Mr. Socko) 
L1: Home made referee shirt with blue pants (with Mr. Socko as a referee) 
L2: Cactus Jack 
R2: Dude Love 

Mark Henry
X: Spandex (blue) 
L1: Spandex (black) 
L2: N.O.D outfit 
R2: Spandex (USA) 

Marc Mero
X: Red shorts 
L1: Black shorts 
L2: Black shorts with black bandana 
R2: Red shorts with red bandana 

X: Red skirt with green headbanger shirt 
L1: Purple skirt with yellow headbanger shirt and stockings 
L2: Blue skirt with green headbanger shirt 
R2: Green skirt with yellow headbanger skirt 

Owen Hart
X: Silver and red jumpsuit with initials on it 
L1: Danger suit (yellow and black suit) 
L2: Black Jumpsuit with Hart and wings design (Warzone suit) 
R2: Slamee award suit 

Paul Bearer
X: Blue suit 
L1: Black suit 
L2: Blue pants with white shirt 
R2: Black pants with black shirt 

Road Dogg
X: Neon green outfit (what he usually wears) 
L1: Black and white pants with "Oh you didn't know?" Shirt 
L2: Pants with Operation DX shirt 
R2: Color pants with shirt that says RD on the chest 

The Rock
X: Bull trunks 
L1: Workout suit (black shirt and pants with white stripe) 
L2: Bull trunks with red outline 
R2: Trunks with green design 

X: Black top and blue shorts 
L1: Black top and blue fighting shorts 
L2: Leopard outfit 
R2: Leather outfit 

Sgt. Slaughter
X: White suit 
L1: Army gear 
L2: Camo gear 
R2: Wrestle gear 

Shawn Michaels
X: Red pants with red gloves 
L1: White heart break pants with gloves 
L2: DX shirt and DX pants 
R2: Red heart break pants with white hearts 

Steve Blackman
X: Black pants 
L1: White ninja shirt and pants 
L2: Black ninja shirt and pants 
R2: Black ninja shirt and red pants 

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
X: Black trunks 
L1: Black trunks and vest 
L2: Blood stone shirt and shorts 
R2: Rattlesnake shirt and shorts 

Taka Michinoku
X: Black and blue pants 
L1: Checkered pants 
L2: Black and white pants 
R2: Blue pants 

X: Green headbanger shirt with black skirt 
L1: Red skirt and yellow head banger shirt with stripped stockings 
L2: Green headbanger shirt with Green skirt 
R2: Second Warzone outfit (video game) 

Too Sexy
X: Zebra pants with Too Sexy along the side 
L1: Zebra pants with Zebra vest 
L2: Green pants with Too Sexy along the side 
R2: Green pants with green vest 

X: Newest suit 
L1: Suit from Warzone (video game) 
L2: Old Undertaker suit with purple gloves 
R2: Old undertaker suit with gray gloves 

Val Venis
X: Shorts 
L1: Towel 
L2: Black trunks 
R2: Gray trunks 

X: Red X-Pac suit 
L1: Green X-Pac suit 
L2: DX shirt with red X-Pac suit 
R2: DX shirt with green X-Pac suit