Maps of Eberron

These are maps I made using backgrounds provided by Wizards of the Coast. These are raster images (bitmaps) so they look very artsy but they dont scale up too well beyond a certain point. If you need maps that you can zoom-in almost at will, see Kildaere's excellent vector map.

New! version 1.2:
Continent of Khorvaire

JPEG format
4,800 x 3,000 pixels
3,602 kb

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New! version 1.1:
Aereni sub-continent

JPEG format
971 x 1500 pixels
251 kb

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Eberron world map

This map is only a scan of the
cover insides of the Eberron CS
book. I added nothing to it.

JPEG format
1575 x 1028 pixels
289 kb


Printing recommendations

The maps look very fine at 150 pixels/inch. Plus, I have written a scale in the form "x miles to the inch" in the scale box, which is valid only if you print the map at 150 pixels/inch. Don't worry though, if you print it at a different size, you can always use the graphical scale to measure distances.


The Khorvaire map should be printed on 8 8,5x11 pages, 4 pages wide and 2 tall. If your imaging software does not allow multi-page printing, split the image in 8 equal parts and print them separately. Get your X-Acto, cutting mat and ruler and remove the white edges. Be careful to remove only the white, no colored parts (and no fingers!). Then assemble the pages using whatever means you prefer (glue, adhesive tape, etc.). Your map will only look as good as you are careful and precise in your work.

I printed mine on a color inkjet printer and assembled it with adhesive tape. For transport, I folded it 5 times on the width and 3 times on the height, so as not to fold on the join lines. Here is the final result:

Of course, the best way would be to have it done at a printing shop, on a color laser printer and only one page.


The Aerenal map prints without any of the above fuss on one 8.5x11 page.

Eberron world

Also prints on one page.


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