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  Website Evaluation

   As teachers, we must be able to evalute the quality of the websites we will be bringing into our classrooms. We must learn the skills to be critical of the content, design, and educational value of the websites we find on the Internet.

   Like in choosing a good book to present to our students, a good educational website has certain criteria we must consider before introducing it to our students. Many websites found on the Internet can be of low educational value and should therefore not be used in a classroom setting.

   Over my numerous travels across the World Wide Web, I have seen a plethora of websites both good and bad. In order to help teachers evaluate and choose appropriate sites for their students, I have devised specific criteria that help in distinguishing the good educational websites from the bad. I have also provided you with an example on how to apply this criteria to an actual website. I hope this will help you to devise your own criteria for evaluating websites and provide your students with many valuable educational web-based experiences.

Criteria for Evaluating Educational Website -In evaluating an educational website, one must consider several major areas. The selection criteria I have developed considers these areas inhope of helping you the teacher decide on whether or not to use this site in your classroom.

An Example... -In order to help you understand how to use the criteria I have developed, here is an example on how to apply it to an actual educational website. For this example, I have chosen to evaluate From the criteria, I then draw a conclusion as to whether or not is a good educational website.

Print-based vs. Web-based -There are advantages and disadvantages to having educational material as web-based documents rather than in print-based formats. In this section, I explore both the advantages and disadvantages of having the site online rather than in a print-based document.

References -Here you will find the references I used in developing this section of my website.

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