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   Over my year of designing web pages, I have had many different sources of inspiration. Being a self-taught webmaster, most of my experience comes from extensive hours hunched over my keyboard surfing the net. In doing so, I came to have a better understanding of the dos and don'ts of the Internet. The criteria I developed is a summary of those hours of surfing assembled into one neat package.

   Over the past year, I also found myself diving into random HTML guides and books. One book I found helpful, though a little complex for the beginner coder, is Web Publishing Unleashed -Stanek, W.R.. (1997). Web Publishing Unleashed. Indianapolis, IN: Publishing. It looked at pretty much everything one would need to know and understand in order to build a good website. I also found some helpful articles pertaining to the Internet in Educational Technology journal. Here are some of those references for your perusal:

Doherty, A. (1998).  The internet:  Destined to become a passive technology?  
	Educational Technology, 38(5), 61-63

El-Tigi, M. & Branch, R. M. (1997).  Designing for interaction, learner control, and
	feedback during Web-based learning.  Educational Technology, 37(3), 23-29

Kaufman, R. (1998).  The internet as the  ultimate technology and panacea.  Educational 
	Technology, 38(1), 63-64

Rakes, G. (1996).  Using the internet as a tool in a resource-based learning environment.
	Educational Technology, 36(5), 52-56. 

Wei, C.-L. (1991).  Hypertext and Printed Materials: some similarities and differences.
	Educational Technology, 31(3), 51-53.
   In completing this section of my site I also visited other website evaluation sites. Here are those addresses.

For any additional information, please contact me -Daniel Séguin.

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