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Air Travelers- This site is an introduction to the basic principles of buoyancy, properties of gases, temperature, and the technology involved in hot air ballooning. It includes activities, teacher background information, and a gallery of photos. Primarily for teachers in the upper elementary grade levels.

Amazing Space Web-Based Activities!

Discovery Channel Online

Exploratorium Solar Eclipse

The Great Plant Escape- In this series of online cases, 4th and 5th grade students are asked to "help Detective Le Plant and his partners Bud and Sprout unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life." The interdisciplinary lessons at this site combine Web-based activities with hands-on experiments. The site includes six cases, a glossary, links, and a guide for teachers.

How Stuff Works

Interactive Zone

Into the Bat Cave

Kit & Kaboodle

Kratt's Creatures

Living Things- The "Living Things" unit offers resources and classroom activities related to a wide spectrum of topics in life science. You'll also find tools for communicating and collaborating with other educators around the world.

The MAD Scientist Network- The MAD SCIENTIST NETWORK is an interactive 'Ask a scientist' interface staffed by scientists actively engaged in science education and research at institutions around the world. Anyone with access to the Web or e-mail may submit a question to be answered by members of the network. Answers often include links to Web resources and work through the logic behind the answer. The site includes a question and answer archive.

Planet Earth

Project Primary- Here you will find activities in Botany, Chemistry, Children's Literature, Geology, Physics, and Zoology. These activities are simply explained and designed to engage children's curiosity and to help them learn.

Science Lessons by Age Group

NASA Headquarters Education Program

NASA Web-Based Astronomy Lessons

Network for Elementary Science Teachers

Nye Labs Online- As Bill Nye fans might expect, this site has a quirky, inventive approach to science. Includes demos that can be done at home, information about the tv show, and much more.

Science Learning Network

Secrets@Sea- This fun online game explores topics in ocean science. Students meet interesting characters, uncover amazing ocean facts and face challenging learning activities. The story weaves together topics such as tides, food webs, salmon, whales and more. Designed for use in grade 4-8, the site provides an online teacher's guide and requires Macromedia's Flash3 plug-in.

Sport! Science

Volcanoes Online- What is a volcano? How are they are formed? What is the impact of eruptions? Find out here, and then test your knowledge with online games and multiple-choice quizzes. If that's not enough, the site is packed with engaging cartoons, includes a searchable database of volcanoes and lesson plans, and links to related sites.

The Why Files- The Why Files, a product of the National Institute for Science Education, is an effort to illuminate the science, math and technology that lurk behind the headline news. The page is updated bi-weekly and includes cool science images, information on science in sports, searchable archives, a forum for discussion, and more.

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