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Allexperts- has gathered together a wide range of volunteer subject experts, all ready to answer your questions. Simply pick a particular topic, browse the lists of volunteers and ask away! This can be great for your students.

The Amazing Picture Machine- NCRTEC provides some lesson plans created by teachers that demonstrate some ways in which pictures and other graphic resources might be useful in a classroom. This site is also a great resource for downloading images from the web.

AskJeeves for Kids- This is a search engine designed with kids in mind. It allows for your students to browse the web in complete security. Teachers will also be interested in visiting the site's Teacher Resources page filled with lesson plans and curriculum ideas.

Canadian Education on the Web- The purpose of Canadian Education on the Web is to bring together everything relating to Canada and education that has a presence on the World Wide Web.

Challenge 2000 Project-Based Learning & Multimedia Web Site

Children's Software Revue Reviews of Educational Software

ClarisWorks - AppleWorks Tutorials

Creating Teacher Web Pages

Child Safetyon th Information Highway

Curriculum Ideas


Download.Com- Great place to find and download shareware and freeware for your classroom computer. Everything you'll find here is FREE but some programs only have a limited trial period before you have to purchase them. At least you get to take them for a test drive!

Electronic School The primary purpose of the activities is to teach. is a program of educational games, called activities. Activities are organized into grade levels, starting at the preschool level and becoming progressively more challenging at each higher grade level.

Internet Adventures

K-5 Cyber Trail

Kidlink- "Global networking for youth through the age of fifteen." Kidlink is a site that reduces the gap between classrooms. This site lists other on-line schools and allows you to going in collaborative on-line projects. Teachers and parents can also sign up to receive a newsletter and meet other teachers on-line to discuss project ideas and collaboration possibilities.

Macintosh Tips and ClarisWorks Tutorials

Places to Help You With Technology

Safe Kids

SuperKids Educational Software Review- SuperKids is a website for parents and teachers who want the best in education for their children. SuperKids regularly provides reviews and ratings of educational software, news about important educational issues and views of visionaries and policymakers.

Tech tips for teachers

Technology At CRS

Training Materials

Whootie Owl's stories- WORLD'S FIRST Kid-tested, Kid-approved collection of folk & fairy tales based on themes of human values. It is 100% nondenominational . . . and fun! Children can talk about the stories. At the end of each story, Whootie Owl asks children what they think the story was trying to show them. Children answer online and they can click to see what others had to say, too. Fantastic interactive feature!

Yahooligans!- Yahooligans! is a searchable, browsable index of the Internet designed for Web surfers ages 7 to 12.

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