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We have been on-line since August 22, 1999.

This web page is dedicated to our two daughters, Stephanie and Lara (hence the name Ste*Lar).

André's Corner:

I am an Electrical engineer, living in Canada.  During my limited spare time, my hobbies include electronics, Meccano model building and woodworking.

Electronic projects:

   Downloadable files (electronic

   projects). Check this site often!

Meccano Pictures:

   See the models I built over the



   Things made out of wood

Tanya's Corner:

I am a Chemical Engineer.   During my limited spare time, I prepared this web page.  I'm also very proud of our girls.  More about my hobbies at a later date.

Kid's Corner:

We're 5 and almost 4.  Here are the things we like to do………..

Last updated--June 18, 2002