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All apps require Android 4.2 or above
(Advanced warning given on April 20, 2015)

App Mobius USB Tools is not compatible with Android M
(Warning given on June 13, 2015)

Important: Two conditions must be met for Play Store to install app Mobius USB Tools:
1-phone/tablet must be USB OTG capable;
2-phone/tablet must contain a USB Authorizations file.
To verify that both of the above conditions are met,
install and run app OTG Status; it will tell you and guide you through the whole process, including app installation once the right conditions are met.

Note: Most problems are caused by bad USB cables; most of the time these problems can be fixed using a micro-to-mini OTG Adapter cable.

Reminder: Play Store automatic updates should be enabled to keep apps up to date; if not, a reminder will show up at launch time whenever an update is required. There is always a grace period of several weeks to allow updating the app when it is most convenient.

* * * Before beginning, make sure the battery of your Android phone/tablet is fully charged.* * *

Make sure your camera battery is fully charged as well.

All apps now contain built-in FAQ, Help, and Troubleshooting Guide.

App support:
Non-Android support: see Mobius Support Thread and #16 Support Thread.

Android Support: read on...

Note: Message "Device Error detected.": un-install the app; it is not available at your location.

App's built-in FAQ, Help, Quick Guide, and Troubleshooting Guide, along with this Support Web Page should handle 99% of all issues you may encounter.

Reminder: Most camera detection problems, error messages, or intermittent problems are caused by bad camera USB cables; most of the time these problems can be fixed using a micro-to-mini OTG Adapter cable.

If you still have problems after going through available help/support material, first read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page then, if appropriate, send an email to and make sure to include:
  1. RCG User-Name;
  2. your location (country, state/province);
  3. camera type (Mobius ActionCam or #16 camera);
  4. Help, App Info screen snapshot (see app's built-in FAQ) and attach picture to your request:
    take this snapshot
    or this snapshot

  5. clear description of problem, including additional screen snapshot(s) as required.
  1. The Help, App Info screen snapshot provides necessary information to quickly identify problems and confirms that app was legally obtained from Play Store. If you cannot install app Mobius USB Tools, use app OTG Status to take screen snapshot.
  2. If you cannot install app OTG Status from Play Store, apps are not legally distributed at your location; read the disclaimer again before submitting any request.

OTG Status version (or above):
  • Launch app OTG Status.
  • Connect a USB Memory Stick to your phone/tablet using a USB OTG Adapter like this.
  • If Connected Device Conclusion: says Yes, read Help: Connecting Camera, then connect camera.
  • With camera connected, camera must be clearly identified and Connected Device Conclusion: must say Yes; read Conclusion Details and you will be offered to install app 'Mobius USB Tools' if all the right conditions are met.
  • If app cannot detect Camera, read Help: USB Cable Issues.
  • If app identifies a problem with USB Authorizations, see this page for solution.


Useful information:
  1. No Android device yet ?
  2. Most Annoying Issues with Android 4.3
    • Frequent intermittent USB problems
      • Host USB does not work correctly unless Android 4.3 initial setup is done in the default language: English (United States); when Android 4.3 initial setup is not done in English US, USB behaviour is mostly unpredictable/unreliable. See this page and this page for details.
      • Host USB may start/stop working for no apparent reason after several reboots.
      • Disabling Auto-rotate screen in Accessibility seems to improve the situation a little bit.
      • Always connect/disconnect OTG cable every time camera is connected/disconnected.
      • It may take 20 (or more) connect/disconnect for Mobius camera to be recognized. This may be related to USB cables.
      • Mobius camera stops being recognized for no apparent reason; it may be recognized again after several reboots.
    • Any app can crash for no reason
      • The crash always happens in the OS code, right after allocating memory; apparently allocated memory was already in use. System app Settings seems to crash more often than any other.
      • Solution:
        • there is no known solution to this problem, except maybe updating the OS to 4.4.2 or 4.4.4.
    • App no longer opens automatically
      • When connecting Camera, installed app used to always open automatically; now nothing happens when connecting Camera.
      • Solutions:
        • Use the manual launcher that is now available.
        • use Settings, Apps, select the app then scroll down to the bottom and, under Launch by default, touch Clear defaults; it sometimes clears this problem.
        • uninstall and reinstall app from Play Store; it sometimes clears this problem.
        • rebooting your device several time may help clear this problem.
    • "Damaged USB storage" error when connecting Camera (also seen on Android 4.2)
      • This problem can happen when connecting a Camera that has a low or nearly depleted battery.
  3. Playing videos recorded with Mobius USB Tools:
    • For convenience, the above apps have a built-in video player.
  4. Playing videos recorded by Mobius ActionCam and #16 Camera:
    • After extensive testing on various Android devices, the best Android video players are BSPlayer FREE and MX Player. Both players play smoothly all videos (AVI, MOV, and MP4) recorded by Mobius and #16 cameras. For smoothest playback, make sure to enable hardware acceleration in Settings.
    • As a general purpose video player, BSPlayer FREE has a small advantage because it plays videos with AC3 sound tracks and unencrypted original BluRay videos (.m2ts) flawlessly.

See USB adapters and Tips below; click here for Play Store apps.

New Mobius USB Tools
Mobius USB Tools
(10 min 29 sec) make sure to watch in 720p HD



OTG adapters:

Micro-to-mini OTG adapter cable
OTG adapter cable
OTG adapter cable with external power
USB Hub Connection for Multi-Cams LiveView

Android Buying Tips:

  1. Warning: Before buying a device running Android 4.3, please read carefully section Most Annoying Issues with Android 4.3 near the top of this page.
  2. If you are shopping for an Android device, as with many other types of products, you have the choice between brand name products and lower cost products.
  3. Many (but not all) lower cost products support Host USB and have a USB OTG adapter included. Although they may be financially attractive, they are not suitable for everyone. If you are technically proficient, they may well be a good choice; but if you are not, you might be better off going for brand name products.
  4. In any case, if you intent to run 'Mobius USB Tools' app on your device, make sure it does support Host USB (as per new app app OTG Status); also make sure Google Play Store is pre-installed and working.
  5. Most lower cost tablets are missing USB Authorizations even if they support Host USB. That problem can be fixed using these instructions. If you are technically proficient, it should not be a problem; otherwise it may well be mission impossible.
  6. The bottom line ? If you are technically proficient, you can probably afford to buy a lower cost product and invest a few hours to get it working right; if you are not, it may be wise to go for a brand name product.
  Play Store Statistics as of July 2015
  • Most Popular Android version running app Mobius USB Tools:
Android 4.4
Android 5.0
Android 5.1
Android 4.1
Android 4.2
Android 4.3
Android 4.0
  • Top 10 of 1386 Device Models running app Mobius USB Tools:
Samsung Galaxy S3
Google Nexus 5
Samsung Galaxy S4
Google Nexus 7 (2012)
Google Nexus 7
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy Note3
Samsung Galaxy S2
GT-I9100 1.92%
Symphony Teleca OnePlus One A0001 1.69%

  • Top 10 of 136 Countries where app Mobius USB Tools is being run:
United States
United Kingdom

Most difficult Devices on which to get app working correctly:
    • Any device running Android 4.3
    • Most Nexus devices cannot browse camera's SD card without first installing paid app 'Nexus Media Importer' which may interfere with the automatic launch of 'Mobius USB Tools' when camera is connected.
Devices that cannot run app Mobius USB Tools correctly:
    • Toshiba Thrive tablets show a USB icon at the left of the clock when any USB Mass Storage device is plugged-in, but hide all USB Mass Storage devices from apps. This prevents app Mobius USB Tools from configuring Mobius camera. On the other hand, Live HD preview is working fine.
Note: It is likely that all Toshiba tablets (showing a USB icon when a USB Mass Storage device is connected) have the same problem.
    • Install and run app OTG Status to find out if your phone/tablet can run app Mobius USB Tools.
Copyright therau2000 2013, 2014, 2015

All apps are available exclusively in Play Store to protect Users from malicious app tampering.
All apps are supported only in countries where they are legally distributed by Play Store.
Support is available only for the app version currently available in Play Store; prior app versions are not supported.
Support requests containing offensive language will be ignored.
Support requests for cameras other than Mobius/#16 will be ignored.
All apps are offered as is, without any warranty of any kind.
Any or all apps may be discontinued at any time without prior notice.
Play Store app distribution does not necessarily cover all countries and may change at any time.
App distribution may be altered, suspended, resumed, or terminated without prior notice.
Support requests for "bogus" apps will be ignored.

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