This page is about Hotmail, the free online email service from Microsoft. In particular, I am talking about Windows Live Hotmail because that is the version my Mom is using - even though she probably doesn't know that and honestly it makes no difference to her... and nor should it! 

Organizing your Email with Folders

Let me guess. Your inbox is full and you can't find anything! Welcome to the club. The easiest solution is to sort your email into folders. By naming the folders something recognizable, you will be able to quickly find email on any topic or from any person. With Hotmail, you can create as many folders as you wish and then move your emails into the folders thereby emptying your inbox while organizing your email. Simple huh!

  1. On the left corner of your screen, there is a button labled New with a small arrow next to it.
  2. Click on the arrow with the left button of your mouse and a small menu will appear. Click on the Folder button in this menu.
  3. A new folder will appear in the list of folders along with your Inbox folder, Deleted folder, Sent folder and so on.
  4. Decide what you would like to name the new folder and type it in. I decided to call this photo Jokes.
  5. If yopu make a mistake while typing the folder name or if you decide to delete the folder, then right-click on the folder name using your right mouse button. A small menu will appear and you can click on Rename or Delete, depending on what you wish to do. 

Moving Email into Folders

Now that you have created a new folder and named it something useful, you probably want to start moving email into the new folder. This is a pretty easy task and can be accomplished with just a couple of clicks.

  1. To start, you must select the emails that you wish to move. Place the cursor next to the email you wish to move. The icon next to the email will change to a box. 
  2. Click on the box and a check mark will appear. This means that you have selected this email to be moved. You can move just one or many emails to same folder at one time. Click on each email that you want to move.

  4. Near the top of your screen in the same row as the New button, there is a button named Move with a small arrow next to it. Click on the small arrow.
  5. Click on the jokes to which you wish to move the selected emails. I this case, I will move the email to the Jokes folder. 
  6. The email that you selected will now move from your inbox and to the folder that you selected. Click on teh folder name in the folder list on the left of your screen and you will find your moved email.