November 14, 2003. I unveiled a custom conversion of the classic and innovative 1986 Nintendo game Metroid into volumetric 3d graphics using a voxel sculpting tool I developed.

Think of it as rebuilding the game using special micro Lego blocks, using the original graphics to choose the colors.

If you have the Shockwave plug-in installed, you can play right here in your
favorite Web Browser.

Just click on the big Green play button at the bottom of this page to play.


Bugs in this version of Metroid Cubed still include:
•Varia suit doesn't change the suit's color.

•Enemies have less than perfect behaviors for now and can get caught in walls on rare occasions.

•Some cosmetic bugs regarding masking of blocks in front of Samus.

•Some timing issues.

•Bosses can be killed with one missile.

Special thanks to Kent Hansen, alias SnowBro.

A talented individual who documented the Metroid level data format a few years ago.

•Scroll Down to Read the instructions.
•Then click the big green play button to get to the


•Clicking the big green play button below will load Metroid Cubed in a new window.

•Loading can take 1 to 3 minutes on Cable or DSL

•A 56k connection is not recommended but once the game is loaded it should work.

Requires Shockwave 10.0 or Better, on Windows and Mac OS.

A 1 Ghz processor with 256 megs of RAM is an approximative minimum to run at 30 fps.

(The code is still highly unoptimised and make no uses of 3d video cards)

On a slower computer, disable backgrounds and activate "Hog Processor" to get a framerate boost.



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