Keith Woolnough has spent all of his working life in the -what used to be called the printing industry, but now it's the Graphic Arts (Industry!). I started in the 'good old' letterpress days and it's simple functions-what a slog that part of the "Arts" was!. However I eventually switched to the process of the late 20th century-'lithography'.
I was always amazed how anything new passed by my working peers. I endeavoured to learn continually, everything that was involved in the complete performance or operation of every kind of product in the "Arts" from conception(!?) to shipping. This included: Design, embossing, typestyles, presses, (silk)/screen-process (no more silk-(not even underwear!!!)) gravure, stamping foil, all bindery methods-and on and on. My co-workers just asked me if something new arose.

Some of them were very nice people


With the 'modern' MBA management ideas and thoughts, experience and skill together with knowledge were considered redundant! So here I am playing on the web. Thus dear reader all this acquired knowledge AND experience is still floating around in the ether for upon which anyone can call.

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