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Oooh, you lost your card... in the machine ? Your new keyboard's out to lunch... again ? Aaah, the good old days of pen and paper... Hey, just unplug the whole thing, get out of there, take a walk, enjoy life ! Get a stamp and send your order and payment by mail !

Please fill out the Mail Order Form and print it from within your browser. If more convenient, print out the form and fill out your order offline at your leisure.

Do make sure your payment is drafted out to Michèle Morin before mailing payment and purchase order to the following address :

Michèle Morin / CourroieYStrap
POB 21119 Jacques-Cartier RPO
Longueuil QC Canada
J4J  5J4

Please note: International mail orders will only be processed if payment is made out in American currencies ($ USD).

Payment by bank draft, money order or certified cheque
Links to forms will open a secondary window. Please position or resize both form and site windows for easy browsing.

Suitable for bank draft, money order or certified cheque transactions

You will reach us
by phone at the following number :

(450) 674-1480

You will reach us
by fax at the following number :

(450) 674-9099

Express Shipping available on request

You will receive your order by mail one week following payment confirmation.


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