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A very special order ? Wanted it yesterday ? Allergic to web forms ? Wether you have questions or specifications concerning your special order or wether you simply prefer to phone in your credit card data, do make yourself comfortable, give us a call now !

Print out the Phone Order Memo. The Memo offers all phone order options at a glance: use it to take notes or fill it out for your own convenience, but be sure to keep a copy handy... while you order !

If need be, you will be asked to fill out and sign the Credit Card Form before you forward it by fax to our offices — for your privacy, we suggest that you submit sensitive credit card information by telephone or fax only.

We accept MasterCard and VISA
Links to forms will open a secondary window. Please position or resize both form and site windows for easy browsing.

Suitable for custom orders and credit card transactions (MasterCard, VISA)

You will reach us
by phone at the following number :

(450) 674-1480

You will reach us
by fax at the following number :

(450) 674-9099

Express Shipping available on request

You will receive your order by mail one week following payment confirmation.

For custom orders, please allow time required to complete the requested Personalized artwork.


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