I am known on the Internet as "Zyrthofar Blackcloak", and on Earth as "Simon Bernier".

This page demonstrates my tests. The images are from Final Fantasy IV, but I have changed the script, played with the images, and well... If you ever played FF4, a few of them should be funny (most of them were, for me).

WARNING: Coarse or Vulgar language are contained, and of course, spoilers to the game...

List of small episodes about messing with the script

Episode 1
Cecil tries to inflitrate Baron after becoming a Paladin.

Episode 2
The party nears the end, expecting Zemus.

You can find my programs here. The page contains a program that can edit the FF4 Savegame, and a rather limited program that can edit the rom. Anyway, they're pretty interesting...

I am also creating a prototype of a website containing data and hacking tips about FF4. I put it here (FF4 Hacking Zone), but since I only have 5 Megs with my Videotron ISP, I only offer the Item and Enemy's data, as well as hacks for the savegame.

I should soon put a beta version of a savegame hacker and a rom hacker, if I have enough space ;).

But be warned that the site is far from complete. The item's pics are not done, the bosses pics are not inserted (that's coming soon), and most of the links are invalid (space problems, time problems, bla bla bla...)

Bringing back souvenirs...


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